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Light Being,

It's time to

activate your light

Spiritual Activations to activate the Holy Light within your DNA, upgrade your programming to God Consciousness and rise you into your great Mission of Light.

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Heal & Activate The Lower Chakras

Light Language Activation Meditation with the Archangels &  Galactic High Council



Egyptian Ascension Activation

Light Language Activation Meditation with the Ascended Masters of Egypt, The Legions of Metatron & Galactic High Council 

MAY 16th




I'm a Spiritual Activator, Cosmic Channel and Light Language Transmitter. 

Just like you, I've always had a burning sensation within me that I was supposed to help humanity in some type of way. I studied all things spiritual, quantum physical, galactic and beyond - yet still felt disconnected from the calling within my heart. 

It wasn't until I began going on a deep inner journey of activating my light that I began feeling whole, remembering who I am and why I am here. 

Today, I help light workers, healers, starseeds and all beings who are ready to activate the divine codes within their DNA, so that they can remember their purpose of the light, just like I did. 


The light is ascending on this planet

light = information

You are meant to be a multidimensional traveler with your awareness as you explore other versions of yourself and beyond

Light expands your consciousness  into multidimensional awareness

Light awakens the

living library of

who you are within

your DNA

Light attunes you to the unique essence of

your heart's home frequency.



1. You are here to shine your inner light onto all as a way to uplift humanity

2. Without activating this light within your DNA and attuning to your hearts frequency, many light beings feel disconnected from their true purpose

Fueling your inner spark with light can help anyone, no matter their race, gender or background, to feel more peace, joy, and harmony within their life.

By going through spiritual activations, anyone can awaken to who they really are and their purpose of light

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My mission is to help activate this frequency of light within humanity so they can awaken to their purpose and remember who they truly are. Are you ready to join the Family of Light?

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Activation Stories

Carina is extremely unique and gifted in channeling Ascension codes of light to assist in going inward and discovering our true selves.
From the first time I listened to her channel light language and guidance from her Galactic Council, I knew she was the “real deal". Her activations are extremely powerful and take us very deeply into other levels of ourselves. With her I have met my galactic family, traveled to Atlantis, and have raised my vibration of light considerably. I am always amazed at how intense these sessions are, they always bring me to another level of light.

AnneMarie Martins

QHHT Practitioner


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